Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greetings from the U.K.!

This is Lily here, blogging from our new home in Clapham, London (SW4).

I arrived to the U.K. last Wednesday, December 10th and took a bus straight from LHR to Oxford, where I spent a week at the 11th conference of IASTE, co-sponsored by UC Berkeley and Oxford Brookes University. Those of you in the MCP program know that I've spent the past 12 months working as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) coordinating this conference. All in all, despite all the hard work, it turned out to be a great conference (I hope). Special thanks for those who helped out the last few days. Hope you all are enjoying your post-conference vacation throughout Europe!

Oxford is a charming town! Very scholarly and the architecture is simply beautiful. I didn't get to explore much of Oxford except for the High Street, the area surrounding the Examination School (where the conference was held), and of course, the Malmaison Hotel, which was a former prison, now a posh hotel. Keenan made a trip up Friday evening to say hello to fellow Berkeley colleagues and friends who were at the conference. He spent most of his time at Blackwell's Bookshops building up his London library. We managed to sneak away for a quiet dinner Sunday evening at a tapas restaurant before sending him home.

I'm now back in London, recuperating from a very exhausting and eventful semester. Here are some photos from Oxford and the IASTE conference. More updates soon.

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