Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowy Day in Londontown

I am contributing to this blog after a long recess (during which I allowed my wife to take the reigns of our London narrative). I have a lot of new things to report on my end including several sidetrips around England, Germany, and Spain, but these will have to be split up among different posts in order to do them justice.

My absence from this blog has been interpreted by my friends, family and my wife as a sort of "disinterest" in blogging...While there is probably an inherent mild disinterest in broadcasting every waking experience and encounter, I think it has more to do with the depth and speed at which I've been settling into London.

After three months, London feels like home. I've settled into our flat just north of Clapham Common and have established work and social links that have normalized my otherwise expatriate life.

However, as an expatriate I should be more diligent about reporting experiences and issues that could be of use, or at least of interest, to others in my situation, which is why I am renewing my vows to Londoncosmopolitan.

I thought it would be appropriate to start with my experience of waking up this morning to a blizzard in London. Typically, snow in London is rare, lasting only a few hours on the ground at best. We've had an arctic freeze blow in from Russia over the weekend and I've attached photos of the Clapham Common area, my neighborhood street, and a couple of views from my office in Canary Wharf to demonstrate what a severe snowstorm in London is like. All buses stopped, only a couple of tube lines were running and all overground trains were disabled. Not sure how long this will last, but I expect to be just as bad, if not worse tomorrow. These photos were taken along my morning walk from my flat through Clapham Common, to the Clapham Common tube station.

This is quite rare and is apparently the worst they've experienced in 18 years. So on that note, it's great to be back. More to follow.

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