Friday, June 05, 2009

Turkish Honeymoon: Fethiye and Oludeniz - Part Deux

Our next stop on our Turkish honeymoon was Fethiye/Oludeniz on the Mediterranean Sea for four days of pure relaxation, sun, and beach. We booked a room at the Delta Hotel on Calis Beach with a balcony overlooking the spectacular blue Mediterranean Sea. We did absolutely nothing except be lazy on the beach or on a boat. We were in heaven – it was a fantastic sun trip.

View from our hotel:

An evening walk through Calis Beach:

The next day we took a 12-Island boat tour through the Fethiye Bay. The "12-island" cruise is a misnomer, as we only moored at five different islands and sailed by the remaining seven. Many of the islands we stopped at were undeveloped with the exception of Gocek Island, an exclusive yacht harbor for the rich and famous. Keenan and I took a dip in the Mediterranean whenever possible to cool off our sunburnt skin.

The next day we took a dolmus (small bus) to Oludeniz. Oludeniz is probably Turkey's most beautiful beach on the Mediterreanean Coast. The warm shallow waters of the Blue Lagoon makes this beach ideal for sunbathing, swimming, water sports, and even paragliding off the mountainous cliffs that surrounds this unspoiled, picturesque beach. While lazing on one of the docks in the middle of lagoon, a Kiwi couple who we met on the 12-Island boat tour the day before spotted us from their canoe! As they also live in London, we exchanged contact information and hope to touch base with them when they return from Turkey.

Back in the Fethiye Marina, we made our way to the Balik Market for a fish dinner that was recommended by our new New Zealander friends. Here, we purchase the fish from the fish monger, around 7-10 Turkish Liras each, and have it freshly cooked at one of the restaurants in the square. While deciding what fish to buy (tuna or sea bass?), our New Zealander friends spotted us again! It was our lucky day and we had an enjoyable meal with them, followed by drinks at an outdoor bar on the Marina.

Check Keenan out with his bronze tan and fresh fish:

Back in Calis Beach for our last day in Turkey before boarding a really late flight out of Dalaman Airport.

We could have stayed another day except we had to get back to London to welcome my older sister and Albert who are visiting from Hong Kong.

From Istanbul & Fethiye Turkey

Here's some photos from our Turkey trip.

Cheers! Lily

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