Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Enjoying the Cricket!

Over the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to go to two cricket matches in London, one at the world famous Oval with some work colleagues and the other at the “home of cricket” itself, Lord’s Cricket Ground with my Dad, an avid cricket fan.

I wish I could pretend to fully understand cricket, a game with a lot of rules and details, but as I am writing this post I continue to read the Wikipedia entry on it, so I’m not quite there yet. Each of the matches I watched was what they call a 20/20 match (20 “overs” on each side), a shortened and faster paced version of the original “test” cricket. The game itself reminds me of American baseball, but scoring in cricket is much more frequent with the number of “runs” reaching into the hundreds. For this reason, I think 20/20 cricket is a game I could get accustomed to if I can get to understand all of the rules. I have always generally enjoyed higher scoring sports like American football and basketball over slower paced sports such as baseball.

The match at The Oval was between Kent and Surrey and we were able to enjoy it in the hot sun with a brilliant English concoction, a Four Pint of Beer Crate designed for individual consumption. The match at Lord’s Cricket Ground with my Dad was The British Asian Challenge between the Middlesex Panthers and the Rajasthan Royals, the Indian Premiere League’s champion last year. Besides some initial rain, the match ended up being a lot of fun in the end.


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