Friday, August 07, 2009

An Ode to Visitors!

We have had around 20 different people stay with us since December 2008, here’s an ode to you!

1. There are those who make the journey to Londontown,
2. And we’ve been happy to have them stay with us in Clapham Old Town.
3. Some have insisted on visiting in the winter,
4. When the weather is truly quite bitter.
5. Others have waited and traveled in the spring,
6. When the weather does not punch as much of a sting.

7. The lucky ones who make it during the summer,
8. Are surprised to see the city is so much sunnier!
9. And who will come to visit us in the fall?
10. Well we hope no one at all!
11. Most visitors jet off to Prague, Brussels, Barcelona, Paris, or Rome,
12. But after going almost broke, they’re all ready to go home.

13. Some visitors arrive bearing California gifts,
14. While some visitors insist on always using the lifts.
15. One visitor in particular is obsessed with designer shoes,
16. Most others are merely satisfied with a healthy dose of booze.
17. We have had visitors who come without anything planned,
18. And I know that others worry that they are now officially banned.

19. There are even those who, no matter what, always seem to get lost,
20. While I know that most are probably still recovering from the cost.
21. Some of our visitors always slept well past noon,
22. Other friends were sprawled all over the living room
23. There were visitors who, with bad luck, didn’t get into certain Mayfair clubs
24. But tragedy was averted when we drank heavily at the Clapham pubs.

25. Rumor has it there was a visitor who drank too much and tried to start a fight,
26. A lot of our visitors were usually rushing to catch some sort of a flight.
27. Some visitors apparently come only to shop,
28. And other visitors who get really into the Brit Pop.
29. We had one visitor get really sick on the loo,
30. But I guess with him, that isn’t anything particularly new.

31. We had certain visitors who always seemed to complain
32. Don’t worry, we won’t name your names
33. Some of our visitors never seemed to get passed the jet lag,
34. Others visitors just brought one too many bags!
35. Some enjoyed staying out into the early hours of the morning
36. But no matter what, I’m sure nobody found their time here boring.

37. Some visitors were extreme ultra-planners
38. But we have to say, for the most part, all showed good taste and manners.
39. We’re happy that everyone got a taste of the London lifestyle
40. But if you’re thinking of coming back soon…Please wait a while!
41. Seriously though, if you think that you might…
42. Let us know. We’re always happy to grab another pint!


  1. who wrote this- it's quite witty and funny! I love it

  2. Am I line no. 15 or no.32 ?? Love you too, sis!

  3. This is too funny and very clever. Don't worry - if I come to visit, I'll stay at my in-laws or my aunt and uncle's place.

    I will only visit you during the day,
    For fear that I may leave you in dismay!

    -Mej =)

  4. We wrote it together, of course K wordsmith it.

    Mej -- you're always welcome to stay with us!

    Chi -- no doubt, you are no. 15!

    P.S. Everyone is welcome to visit!! The post is intended to be funny, not to offend anyone! Come on over!

    Love, L.