Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from London!

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, an annual tradition of eating and drinking, and of course to be thankful for life's many blessings. While this American holiday has been celebrated since 1863, Thanksgiving did not become a federal holiday until 1941. Americans get not one, but two days off; one day to devour delicious Thanksgiving food and the next day to recover from the aftermath i.e. food/wine coma, or indulge in some retail therapy on Black Friday. Thanksgiving...bring it on!

My first (and Keenan's second) Thanksgiving in London was lovely. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 9 people at our flat and had a wonderful time with our London-based friends! I took half-day off to roast the turkey and make the trimmings for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Oh the joys of cooking -- I love it!

The Host at Work:

Keenan made one and half dozen deviled eggs and a killer (artery-clogging) mashed potatoes. Our friends brought yummy desserts, appetizers, and lots of wine (and Estonian banana liqueur) to round out the menu. I'll just let the pictures speak for itself.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Be thankful everyday...

~L + K


The Kitchen as the buffet area

Veggie Platter | Charcuterie of Cured Meats & Cheese | Deviled Eggs | Mushroom Soup | Spinach and Beet Root Salad | Turkey with Herb Butter | Sausage, Mushroom, and Chestnut Stuffing | Roasted Green Beans and Carrots | Classic Mashed Potato w/ Gravy | Cauliflower Gratin | Brussels Sprout | Apple – Orange Cranberry Sauce

Desserts: Cheesecake | Apple Tart | Pumpkin Pie -- made with love by M.P., L.G., and F.A-W (respectively)

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