Thursday, July 07, 2011

Weezer @ the Brixton Academy

We went to a Weezer concert last night at the Brixton Academy with two friends. Twelve hours later, my ears are still partially impaired, heart still pumping with adrenaline, and mind flooded with nostalgia of memories from our carefree University days at Berkeley and Davis. The Brixton Academy is quite nice; an intimate rock venue holding no more than 5,000 spectators (standing room) in the vibrant Caribbean neighbourhood of Brixton in South London.
Rough around the edges, Brixton does have some hidden gems such as the beloved Franca Manca Pizzeria and Rosie’s Deli Café in the bustling Market Row; Ritzy Cinema; and of course, the Brixton Academy. Heavyweight champion David Haye, who recently got dethrone of his WBA World Heavyweight title, lives in Brixton and often spotted walking his Chihuahuas on Clapham Common. Brixton High Street is peppered with a mix of cheap eateries (McDonalds, Speedy Noodles), high street retailers (Boots, M&S, TopShop, H&M), and several eye-sore pawn shops. By day, hordes of people, mostly from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds, including ladies wearing colourful hip-hugging outfits, go about their day shopping for fresh produce and meats at the local markets. By night, Brixton can be somewhat dodgy. It’s fine to walk the streets of Brixton at night as long as you keep your wits about you. 
As for the Weezer concert, it was a lot of fun. We invited two friends, Rod and Si, to the concert as a thank you gift, but it turned out that this was also our “see you soon” gift as they are heading back to Sao Paolo, Brazil on one-year stint at the end of July. We missed the supporting act by London-based punk rock group Male Bonding in favour for a light dinner at a nearby café. By the time we arrived, the 1920s Art Deco building was heaving with twentysomething concert-goers who, like myself, listened toWeezer, Oasis, Dave Matthews Band, Green Day during our college days (ahhhh, nostalgia). By far, this is one of the better venue I’ve been to for a concert as I can actually see the stage due to the slight downward incline in the standing area, which allowed for a good sightline of the main stage. For the next 90 minutes, Weezer, donning their signature squared thick-rimmed glasses and “cool nerd” outfits, played a lively set list of all my favourite Weezer songs. Now if I can only run away and find an island in the sun to escape this terrible English summer…

Weezer, 6th July 2011 Setlist:
1. Undone – The Sweater Song
2. My Name Is Jonas
3. El Scorcho
4. Holiday
5. Pink Triangle
6. Susanne
7. Island in the Sun
8. Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover)
9. The Good Life
10. The World Has Turned and Left me Here
11. Say it Ain't So 
12. Tired of Sex 
13. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
14. Pork and Beans
15. Across the Sea
16. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
17. Only in Dreams
18. Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)
19. Hash Pipe
20. Buddy Holly

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