Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


October is always a fun month at Casa di Lily & Keenan. Three family birthdays, wedding anniversary, Londoniversary, and of course Halloween, one of our favorite holidays. Last year we missed all the Halloween festivities as Keenan's Dad was in town for the 49ers game at Wembley Stadium, and the previous year, I was in Florence, Italy with a good friend from San Francisco. 

This year, a group of expat friends from Chicago hosted a "Neverland" themed Halloween party at their flat up in West Hampstead. A full house of all the Neverland characters: Peter Pan, Captain Hook (and Hooker), Tinkerbell, Jon Darling, Pirates, Wendy, 'The Alligator,' two Tiger Lilies, plus a bunch of other creative costumes, including Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra, Ken and Barbie, Zorro, The Red Devil, a London Rioter (sans loot and trainers), and (Dead) Alice in Wonderland. Decked out with spooky Halloween decorations, Neverland had a bar full of poison, a cauldron of spiked apple cider, and tons of candy and even cupcakes from the Hummingbird.


In keeping with the theme, Keenan dressed up as Peter Pan - the boy who refuses to grow up - by recycling his famously green hermit outfit that he wore at the Robin Hood-themed Stag party in Nottingham, a huge contrast from his zoombie outfit from a few years ago. Minnie Mouse also made an appearance sporting her red shirt and trademark yellow shoes. Yes, we chose very G-rated costumes, even little kiddies on the Tube stopped and said hello to Peter Pan and Minnie Mouse.  It was good fun! Thanks for a great evening!  

Be safe and Happy Halloween from London! Love, Minnie Mouse and Peter Pan xx

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