Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snowy London 2012

It's been bitterly cold here in London; nothing like the extreme subarctic temperatures experienced in Eastern Europe. Last week was filled with beautiful sunny days albeit freezing, but last night we finally had our first snow fall of the season. The snow started falling as we were leaving the Royal Festival Hall where we attended a concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The tube ride home took 15 minutes longer than usual as the London transportation system tends to freak out when snow touches the ground.

By the time we reached Clapham Common station, the streets and common were covered by 1.5 inches of snow. For the most part this winter has been very mild in London, however, I was secretly hoping for one and only one snow day. Glad it happened over the weekend for all of us to enjoy. 

We're also pet-sitting for a couple friend of ours who is back on the East Coast for pleasure and business. Their dog, a ginger mixed breed named Haile, is the sweetest dog ever and so well-trained. She's very easy-going, gentle, and a lot of fun. I'm a big dog lover so I am absolutely delighted to watch Miss Haile for the next two weeks. I love her adorable face; somehow she always has this confused puppy look. We've been taking her on long walks around the Clapham area, and even took her to our favourite pub on Northcote Road called the Draft House where we got the chance to catch up with another couple friend who just returned from a month-long trip to Thailand and Vietnam, and of course to introduce them to our houseguest, Haile.

This morning Keenan and I woke up early for some fun in the snow with Haile. I brought my Nikon along to take some picturesque photos although it was a bit foggy this morning. Kids on sleds, little snowmen, and dogs filled the snow-covered common. Haile enjoyed the snow as much as we did, frolicking around with other dogs - a big sloppy Golden Retriever who desperately wanted to play catch and two black Labradors came around to say hello. Enjoy the fun photos below. 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Still wish it was the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. They had an amazing comeback season so maybe next year. 


  1. I was hoping for snow too even though it can be a pain in the backside! Bit of a novelty for us from warmer climes..

    1. Looks like we have another day of snow! Enjoy Rowan!