Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration with your nearest and dearest. We celebrated Thanksgiving slightly early this year as my good friend was in town for 10 day work trip. She and I have known each since I was 15 years old; we went to high school together, bonded over student government activities; and went to Berkeley together. 

This past Sunday, I invited her over for a smallish Thanksgiving meal. Miss Haile pooch greeted my friend at the door. Though Miss Haile was suppose to go home on Saturday but as her parents decided to extend their trip, we kept her for a few more days.

I couldn't find a turkey small enough to feed three people so opted to make a French-inspired roast chicken with all the trimmings -- walnut-pear-blue cheese green salad, green beans and mushroom, buttery mashed potato, roasted asparagus, and a charcuterie board of foie gras, jamon, and a selection of French cheese. We caught up on her week in London, her first Rugby game at Twickenham, British culture, and her upcoming holiday plans. It was really nice to share a Thanksgiving meal with a familiar face from home! Muchas gracias for coming over and come back to London soon!

On Thanksgiving Day, another fellow expat couple friend kindly open their lovely Holland Park flat and hosted a small group of American for Thanksgiving. This couple friend went to UC Davis with Keenan and moved to London two years ago to pursue a master degree in human rights and public policy. My friend took half day off to roast the 15 lb turkey, made gravy from scratch, and even had time to bake an amazingly delicious pumpkin pie. Hats off to the chef. Everyone else bought sides to share -- cheesey mac and cheese, potato gratin, brussle sprouts, spinach, cranberries, etc. Delicious.

We then went around the room to say what we are thankful for. Keenan and I feel incredibly blessed to have amazing family spread across the globe in CA, Hong Kong, India; for our health; our jobs that allows us to travel for work and pleasure; and good friends in SF and London. Cheers to all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving from London!

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