Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Walking Weymouth

After a chaotic week of moving flats and some unfortunate news from California, we escaped to the Dorset coast for the long bank holiday weekend with a couple friend and their adorable one-year old son. Timing wasn’t ideal to go away as there was some serious unpacking and administrative tasks to take care of such as transferring bills, cancelling gym memberships, amongst other annoying things. Phew. But the escape to Weymouth was much needed if only to clear our heads, enjoy the gentle sea breeze, and the lovely scenery of Dorset.
Days were spent walking along the promenade to Weymouth, the main seaside town on Dorset and host of the sailing events during the London 2012 Olympics. It town itself is cute with a nice old harbour lined with old-fashioned pubs and restaurants. We got a lucky with plentiful sunshine – people were enjoying fish-n-chip al fresco. As a big history buff, Keenan reminded us that the English coast was a major launching point for the Normandy invasion during World War II. Today statutes line the main drag to commemorate those who died in battle. 
Keenan and I also took a lovely coastal walk along the Jurassic Coast (known for the white chalk cliffs).  It’ll be the first of our ‘training’ hike in preparation for our trip to Annapurnas, Nepal in October. Living in England for almost half a decade now, we’ve grown to love country walks over the years. Yes, we’ve become quite British in that regard. My favourite part – stumbling across old historic pubs along the way like the Smuggler’s Inn, a 13th century pub where we stopped for lunch in the garden. Overall enjoyable and easy getaway from London. Now back to reality and unpacking…

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