Monday, October 14, 2013

Anniversary Dinner at Hawksmoor

We continued the celebrations at Hawksmoor Seven Dials for our 5th anniversary dinner (thanks Miss Ruby Buby for the generous gift!) still excited about getting our ILR. If you are a steak lover and haven't been to Hawksmoor, one word: GO. Amazing steak with a nice atmosphere. Even better than Gauchos in my opinion. 

We splashed out as part of our celebration week. To whet our appetites, we started with cocktails (as if we didn't have enough at London's Cocktail Week) --  a G&T for me and a Whiskey Sour for Keenan. Hawksmoor may be known for excellent prime cuts, it also takes its cocktails seriously and the killer cocktails did not disappoint. 

Starters were roasted scallops with white port and garlic and half lobster smothered with garlic butter. Hmmmmmm....heavenly.  The main was 900 gram Porterhouse Steak which we shared (yes, we're little piggies) and sides of marconi and cheese and creamed spinach. We also ordered  a bottle of juicy Rioja to go with our cooked to perfection steaks. A Glenlivet scotch, espresso, and chocolates to end a lovely meal.

The next evening we met up with two friends to see Susie Essmen, a stand-up comedian best known for her role as Susie Green in Curb your Enthusiasm (we're big fans). Before the show, we hit a nearby ramen joint Tonkatsu. Ramen houses seem to be the latest foodie craze and this place was quite good, so good that we had the pleasure of sitting behind Anthony Bourdain at dinner. 

Couldn't ask for a better week of celebrations with food, friends, and laughter. 

Anthony Bourdain at Tonkatsu

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