Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends, family, and turkey! Our friends who just  moved back from California graciously hosted Thanksgiving dinner at their lovely flat in East Dulwich. Being the creative hostess that she is, she made a pilgrim and Indian hats for us as party favours, whilst her awesome chef husband roasted a fantastic turkey with all the trimmings. It was a lovely evening with great food, laughter, and a fantastic pumpkin pie.

As if Thursday night's dinner wasn't enough, I insisted on roasting a turkey for two on Saturday just because I wouldn't feel right if I didn't spend hours roasting my own turkey and making my artery-clogging mash potatoes. After four days straight of turkey, it's safe to say that I've had my fix...until next year.

This year we are incredibly grateful for the UK granting us our Indefinite Leave to Remain, our health, and our wonderful family and friends across the world. We look forward to seeing you all in a few short weeks in San Francisco. Enjoy then, let the festive season begin! Cheers!

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